Inept health officials jeopardize New Zealand’s COVID19 progress

Sadly yesterday, after 24 days of no new COVID19 cases, two new ones were announced. But as the Government ends the compassionate grounds exemption that allowed the two women who presented as new cases to enter New Zealand, an appreciable level of anger and frustration has come to be present.

The inept officials – whose shoes I would not want to be in – I hope are dismissed from their jobs. In any other circumstances, that would be an entirely knee-jerk reaction, but after the collective effort of New Zealanders to get the country to Level One and whose expectations have been made very clear to Government, to society at large and to each other, there is simply no other option. They knew full well what the Government’s expectations were when they made the decision to let these women go. They knew what the New Zealand public expected of them too, and yet they let them go.

Why did they not subject them to the full 14 days isolation that I would expect anyone else to be made to abide by? Why did any one in the health system think that the one coming from the United Kingdom would be okay when the U.K. is one of the worst performing countries in the world with regards to COVID19? Who was supervising whomever made that decision and why did they not immediately tell them to send the women back to quarantine?

RESIGN. Both the person who told the ladies they could go, and their supervisor need to resign forthwith.

Yes the Government has suspended entry for compassionate purposes. However this should never have been allowed in the first place. You do not put foreigners ahead of your own citizens ever. Yes the Prime Minister says that we made preparations for new cases, which were to be expected, but unfortunately this is just not good enough.

The best we can hope for is that no new cases arise from it and that this is not the start of a second wave of COVID19 patients. The best we can hope for is that no one in the next two weeks presents with COVID19 symptoms anywhere else.

Whatever one might say about the women going to comfort someone who lost a relative is well and good, but travelling that far and potentially undoing the very hard graft of 5 million people who want to get COVID19 over and done with is simply not acceptable. The country would have been better off and so would the two ladies, if they had just stayed put in isolation for the full 14 days and then gone, when given the all clear.

Like I said, not good enough!




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