National’s political game on COVID19 costing it

A.C.T. Member of Parliament David Seymour said “Open the border” because he claimed that the economy was being crippled by a lack of tourists. National Deputy Leader, Nikki Kaye said “Open the border” so New Zealand could receive more Chinese and other international students here. As did a whole lot of others inside and outside of Parliament all the while conveniently ignoring the fact that we have our borders firmly shut as part of the response permitted by the COVID19 ermergency

Elected Members of Parliament each day should know the mood of the nation better than just about everyone else. They have a wide range of resources that can confirm or deny a contentious point. A good M.P. will have developed the skill of introspection to understand how and why a particular situation exists even if they do not like it: an understanding gained by countless hours disseminating  the wide range of media modes Рtelephone calls, television announcements, website Рthat that information will arrive in.

Which is why the calls of the last few weeks , the constant barking at by National of each car of Labour party political thought going past, is all the more incredible. It is almost as if their M.P.’s are wanting to somehow lose the forth coming electoral scrap; almost as if they think simply attacking Labour policy without coming up with any new ones, will somehow win them an election where the incumbents are comfortably ahead. Surely they must be aware of the fact that China, after weeks of progress is in the early stages of a lapse that must be making politicians, viral specialists and General Practitioners alike nervous. Surely they must be aware that the Swedish man who promoted herd immunity has been forced to admit that his understanding of COVID19 has been comprehensively destroyed and Sweden – where a good friend of mine will be turning 40 on Wednesday – is largely locked down. And certainly they must have noted the problems in continental European Union.

With all those countries having problems – never mind the rapidly worsening cases in the United Sates I really struggle – and I am sure many National Party supporters will agree here – to see why their leadership is continuing a demonstrably failed game of barking at every moving thing. The thousands of international students that Ms Kaye seems so keen on coming here will all need to be quarantined on arrival without regard for gender, skin colour or any other potentially discriminatory factor. Will they have honest medical certificates that state accurately and honestly any medical conditions that they have? Not necessarily. We are talking about people from China among other places in Asia where the Government is not well known for its transparency and honesty. And will a student struggling to to get by in a foreign country with minimal support understand the need to be honest with authorities? Through no fault of their own, it is quite possible.

Will Ms Kaye acknowledge the silliness of this policy of barking at every moving object? Probably not. To do would be to acknowledge National’s approach has been wrong since Day 1 and potentially shore up the Labour vote. And what is wrong about knuckling down and coming up with different economic policies to replace the tired old set that they currently abide by? Nothing. With 56 M.P.s in the House of Representatives, surely they can come up with something different.

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