No COVID19 cases but National and A.C.T. still not getting the message

No new COVID19 cases were recorded in New Zealand yesterday. The good news comes as accusations of COVID electioneering are pointed at the Government. And with the 52nd Parliament just three weeks away from dissolving, the intensifying politicking is happening against a worsening COVID19 picture worldwide – Australia is facing a surge in cases, just like New Zealand; the United States and Britain are being forced to back track on reopening whilst Russia and India reach new rates of infection. And this comes in a week where the COVID19 outbreak world wide hit two alarming figures:

  • 500,000 dead world wide
  • 10,000,000 cases

The determination shown by National and A.C.T. to continue pushing for an open border despite COVID19 having its most dangerous week nation wide yet, never ceases to amaze me. It is almost as if they are in some sort of parallel universe: unable and/or unwilling to understand that reopening the border would be absolutely disastrous for New Zealand.

More incredible still as well as alarming is where some of the proponents of opening the border are getting their ideas from. I am in a group on Facebook called New Zealand Centre for Political Research, a group set up by former A.C.T. Member of Parliament Muriel Newman, that has a distinct right/far right flavour to it. Many of the active members think Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a Communist and that she is determined the non-binding United Nations Agenda 2030 is something New Zealand is going to help give effect to. Many think the Government wants to take away all our legally owned guns, property rights and destroy the economy.

With regards to COVID19, many of the members are in open denial that COVID19 exists. They believe Dr Ashley Bloomfield is spearheading some kind of agenda to take away everyone’s rights under the guise of a medical emergency; that Dr Siouxsie Wiles, whose preference for highlighter hair colours is somehow offensive and degrades her work, is some sort of conspiracy theorist. Somehow apparently Sweden is still going in the right direction and that United States President Donald Trump is being taken down by a media conspiracy because he insists on the reopening of America.

Like National and A.C.T., many of these people seem to think that New Zealand should reopen their borders. The Universities are not going to have the means or know how to be ready. Nor is it their role. Their role is to teach and conduct high level. It is not to be a mass quarantine centre. And the students are another story altogether. Most will come from countries with far worse management of COVID19 than New Zealand. AT least some will not want to go into quarantine no matter how necessary it is, and they will have to be returned to their countries of origin, because there is no way New Zealand should take them.

If you think that is alarming, it gets worse. The COVID19 pandemic was a “Plandemic”, which is their speak for getting COVID19 was a deliberately planned act. Part of this centres around legislation that moved under urgency through Parliament in the week ending 17 May 2020. The legislation was to enable the transition to Levels 2 and 1 under the COVID19 warning system. However that legislation has since been back to Parliament and is currently awaiting its Second Reading, having been open to public submissions for the last three weeks.

Did I say that the urgency was justified? A qualified no. Granted I am not sure what other legislative work the Government was doing during lock down, I am sure that if it was a case of suddenly realizing that Levels 2 and 1 might have no legality, then that is extremely poor handling of the legislation. On the other hand if the legislation took that time to be prepared, acknowledging Parliamentary Services staff could not come in and work from their offices, then perhaps one should be more understanding. Still, it is far from ideal to push a Bill of Parliament through the entire process in two days. The protests were substantial and organizations like Amnesty International and the Human Rights Commission both opposed it.

The best thing that I think can happen to National and A.C.T. in this election is a sound defeat. And I am not saying that because I am opposed to them getting into power. I am indeed opposed to them getting into power, but my desire to see them get soundly defeated is because right now they genuinely want New Zealand to be exposed to the raging epidemic of COVID19. No responsible Prime Minister would ever knowingly do that.

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