Rise of the non-Parliamentary right wing parties

As we progress through the school holidays and Parliament moves towards its final sitting before dissolving for the election, I have been checking out the websites of the right-wing parties in New Zealand that are not in Parliament. Civil libertarians, conservatives and disaffected New Zealanders feeling put out by the success of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s big government response to the COVID19 emergency and the taking back of firearms following the 15 March 2019 mosque attacks, distrust of the left is rising. And with the Green Party holding seats around the Cabinet table, they have decided to try to take as many votes off Labour and the Greens as possible.

There are at least three right-leaning parties outside of Parliament. They range from the Christian-right leaning to right-wing libertarians in terms of their philosophical standpoint. Specifically they are:

  • New Conservative Party – Leader is Leighton Baker and Deputy Leader is Elliot Ikilei; they believe non-married mothers should live with a cis heterosexual couple who will train them on how to be good mothers; Western culture is apparently superior; United Nations is a front for the New World Order
  • Real New Zealand Party – website was down when I visited; Wants to take back gun rights
  • Reset New Zealand – started off as a separate party but has merged with New Zealand Public Party
  • New Zealand Public Party – Leader is Billy Te Kahika; they believe that New Zealand should withdraw from all United Nations obligations; Will “rewrite the Government constitution”; will repeal COVID19 response legislation

The most organized of these parties is the New Conservative Party. Born out of the crashed and burnt remnants of the Conservative Party that Colin Craig founded, it has experience at participating in elections. It has a detailed policy page on its website, a social media page with links to Videos, News and Press Releases and their Facebook live stream. It also has a Candidates page showing you all of the candidates standing and where.

Real New Zealand‘s Facebook page was lacking much information when I visited it after finding the party website was “Down for Maintenance”. Subsequently I have no idea who is leading, what their policies are or what their website looks like. It may be because Real New Zealand are quite new. It may be because they present as rather immature – if you cannot talk about other politicians without calling them names (there are multiple Facebook posts where Jacinda Ardern is referred to as Taxinda), it will not reflect well.

The New Zealand Public Party was the other party that has popped up in the last few months. It was established on Facebook on 13 June 2020. It notably joined forces with another party that I did not know existed until I was writing this article, called Reset New Zealand which has merged with the N.Z. Public Party, but has maintained a separate website.

There maybe other small parties that have formed to try to reach a state where they can participate in the 2020 General Election. However I am not aware of those parties.

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