COVID19 outbreak sends Auckland to L3; Rest of New Zealand to L2

It is back. Somehow after 102 days with no community transmission New Zealand has got a COVID19 out break in Auckland.

As of 1200 hours today Auckland will be moved back to LEVEL 3, where all non essential businesses and those with front facing only service functions have to close. All bars, cinemas, malls, places of leisure have to close. For the rest of New Zealand the country is moving back to LEVEL 2. Distancing will apply, restrictions of no more than 100 in bars and restaurants as well as people being seated will apply.

To Auckland and the rest of New Zealand, see you in a few days. With the exception of going for a COVID19 test I am grounded until the results are back, which I expect will be sometime on Thursday.

On another COVID19 note two rest homes in Christchurch are under lock down after patients there were found to have flu like symptoms.

It is important to note that the Government anticipated a probable move back into a higher level of alert for brief periods of time in their planning. They also warned people that New Zealanders should have masks available for when they go out, and to get tested if presented with the opportunity.

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