Two parties that are bad for New Zealand

If you have a friend who drives drunk, I assume on the first instance you would tell him/her s/he is being an idiot and that a second instance would cost them your friendship our similar?


If you had a friend blast off at Maori, that they are all dole bludgers growing cannabis/cooking methamphetamine and the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal is a gravy train, what would you do? Would you ignore it? Would you tell them to pull their head in, or would you put them on notice?

I have come come to an extremely grim conclusion about two parties in New Zealand politics. There are two parties that unfortunately have policies that have policies that go much deeper than about party and electoral preferences.

If you wish to vote for #NewConservatives you are in effect telling me you wish to null and void the Treaty of Waitangi. You are telling me you want to undermine the essential foundations of this country: Te Tiriti O Waitangi. I have looked at New Conservative policy and they want to do this. All references to the Treaty of Waitangi must go according to New Conservative. In terms of consulting the tangata whenua about this must go. All duties to consult on wahi tapu, mahinga kai, taonga – everything that has enabled the Iwi and the Hapu to get to where they are – must apparently go.

Unfortunately for women, New Conservative’s harsh line does not stop at being anti-Maori. Their policy platform is something akin to The Handmaid Tales. Far from looking forward into the 21st Century it seeks to wind the country back to the 1950’s, possibly earlier. It seeks to criminalize abortion; prostitution – the oldest industry in the world after agriculture – would also be criminalized. But it is the idea that young mothers should be placed with experienced couples – who for all we know might want to exploit a person in a vulnerable position or might not have the time or the gumption to go through with their obligations – that I find truly gobsmacking.

The other party that has come to my attention is the #NewZealandPublicParty, which was established this year by Billy Te Kahika Jr, and which has merged with Advance New Zealand.

When you seek official information – information verified by an official source or from an official source – one expects that this information will be as accurate as possible and subject to immediate change if found not to be. Correct?

So, it is a mystery to me as to why the second party in my sights deems it necessary to tell complete lies, spread disinformation and which was born in the last year. People are entitled to believe what they want, but the wilful spread of disinformation – information that is knowingly wrong, yet people still spread it – is an act that to me is as bad as lying.

We all tell our children not to lie. We tell each how wrong lying is. And with good reason. It can be dangerous. It certainly tells one a lot about a person’s values if they insist on spreading disinformation. It is hard for me to understand a person’s values if they are willing to accept a party that knowingly lies. Why would you want them anywhere near Parliament?


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