A new direction

Kia ora.
Nine months ago I put this blog on ice, first until the end of the year and then, until July 2021. At the time University work was taking up too much time for me to be able to give the blog appropriate attention. But also following the pandemic, most of the daily traffic to the website stopped – it went from 100-400 a day to single or low double digits.
After much thought I have decided to archive Will New Zealand Be Right and establish a Patreon account. I look forward to the challenges of creating new content. I have not worked out yet quite how this is going to happen, but there will be more details here.
https://www.willnewzealandberight.co.nz will revert back to its .com domain, with the monies saved from promoting it and paying for the maintenance of the domain used to establish the Patreon account. The Patreon account will be called, “Will New Zealand Be Right, with Rob Glennie”.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this blog since I started publishing daily in 2015. I hope that you have gained a better perspective on issues confronting New Zealand.
The Facebook page for Will New Zealand Be Right will continue as the Facebook page for the Patreon account.

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