About the author

So, you know my politics and views on the world. But how much do you know about me?

I have a range of interests outside of blogging, human rights and New Zealand politics, domestic and the odd international trip. I enjoy going for walks, the odd cycle ride, white-baiting, craft beer, socializing, places of geographical/geological/historical significance (be it the San Andreas Fault in the U.S. or World War 1 battlefields – especially if New Zealanders were involved).

I am a survivor. In 1989 I collapsed in the hallway at home with the onset of severe hypertension. I spent most of a year when one adds the total number of hours spent in hospital wards/waiting rooms/operating theatres whilst the doctors tried to figure me out. Now I am permanently on a medicine dosage of 9 1/2 pills a day. My views on health, life and ones human rights are coloured by my experiences.

I am probably closer to the centre of the political spectrum, but with a few differences. Neoliberalism is a failure. Three successive Governments have shown this, but for it to end some conversations that are currently in the too hard tray need to be had. I believe Bew Zealand needs comprehensive constitutional reform. Too much is taken for granted in New Zealand, but is a formal constitution the right answer? Is the R.M.A. a dinosaur, or do we not understand it?

What I want is a better New Zealand, where all and not a lucky few have the opportunity to realize their potential. I am not convinced that this will happen in a neoliberal environment.