About the author

So, you know my politics and views on the world. But how much do you know about me?

I have a range of interests outside of blogging, human rights and New Zealand politics. Namely, long walks and the odd cycle ride, listening to to music both live and recorded (mainly classical, classic rock – Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Genesis), watching cricket and rugby (at home/pub/going to the match)and whitebaiting. I also enjoy going for day trips or drives into the country.

I am a survivor. In 1989 I collapsed in the hallway at home with the onset of severe hypertension. I spent most of a year when one adds the total number of hours spent in hospital wards/waiting rooms/operating theatres whilst the doctors tried to figure me out. Now I am permanently on a medicine dosage of 9 1/2 pills a day. My views on health, life and ones human rights are coloured by my experiences.

I am possibly the most under employed Vehicle Service Agent in the world with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Postgraduate Diploma of Science in Hazard/Disaster Management.