Causes I support

Activism is my rent for living on this planet – Alice Walker

I believe that it only takes free people to be apathetic in the face of injustices, for bigger injustices to occur, thus:

In 2003, I joined Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand, concerned that the War on Terrorism was eroding basic human rights around the world. Amnesty International does not enjoy the media profile that Greenpeace does because it prefers – and I support this – to conduct peaceful activism, rather than some of the more direct, in your face (and sometimes blatantly illegal by any reasonable standard)actions of Greenpeace. But whereas Greenpeace is more of a young persons organisation, Amnesty International is very much for all ages.

My politics are left-leaning centrist. Key points to note:

  • A military should have three purposes only – defend New Zealand; supply troops at the request of the United Nations for peace-keeping/peace-making; use its logistical capacity to support humanitarian relief efforts
  • Local councils should stick to the basics – roading, waste, parks, infrastructure such as sewerage and water and democratic representation
  • Support constitutional reform – IF done by binding referenda
  • Judicial reform necessary – courts need an overhaul in terms of how they are run; Sentencing Act is not working; legalize marijuana
  • Environmental management needs changes – R.M.A. is fine, but insufficient attention being paid to waste, oceans and deforestation
  • Te Tiriti O Waitangi negotiations should be left to run their course – Ngapuhi though need to be given a deadline to submit a grievance claim by


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